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NovemBER 2012
Remix pon de air
I've done a bunch of radio interviews for the She Dubs Me Remix ep digital release, on BaseFM, GeorgeFM, and Radio Ponsonby - listen to that last one below. BaseFM also made the Ba Ba Boom Oogun remix their Tune Of The Week for Nov 5.

I also discovered a few copies of the original vinyl 12" EP buried away in my studio, so I put them out exclusively at Conch Records, with a special bonus 7"of Ba Ba Boom, PLUS a free digital download of the remix EP, all for only $20. Limited copies, go grab em quick!

Remix bizz
Way back in 2004, I pulled together some cool local producers to remix some tracks off my debut Dub Asylum album, She Dubs Me She Dubs Me Not. The remixes came out on a limited edition 12-inch vinyl, with specially hand painted covers by artists DLT and Dan Tippett (watch a a video of them painting the covers over here). That's me with some of the covers below.

Now the EP is getting a digital reissue, with a special bonus remix - the flipside off my Ba Ba Boom 7-inch single, the Oogun remix, available digitally for the first time. Out October 26 thru Amplifier, iTunes, Bandcamp etc.

Remixes by Timmy Schumacher vs Substax, Rob Warner and Josh Webb, Audioslut, and Oogun. Listen below

Peter with ep covers

May 2012
Autumn approaches
So far this year I've been working on the latest reissue from Hallelujah Picassos, a digital collection of our cover versions. You can check out Picasso Core Jukebox over on Bandcamp. I've also got a few other archival projects in the works too.

There will be a few Dub Asylum releases this year possibly, and maybe a music video off the Stereo Freeze EP. I've got some other musical projects on the bubble tho. Keep ya ears peeled.

December 2011
Stereo freeze
The last several months have been consumed with the Hallelujah Picassos retrospective, called Rewind The Hateman. I sorted the remastering, scanned the photos, designed the artwork and pushed it out into the world, so to speak. It dropped on October 31, and has been getting great reviews. Check it out over here.

Hallelujah Picassos - Rewind
                                    the Hateman

But there is some new Dub Asylum business on the way. Out December 19, a new digital EP called Stereo Freeze.

This EP is a collection of brand new and way old tunes, pulled together to get them out into the world, before my hard drive dies. Oldest tune is Get It Together, originally recorded in 2002 for the first Dub Asylum album. Newest tune (cut earlier this year) is Jumping Jack Skank, a stomping melodica groove. Jump and twist came out in May 2009 for NZ Music Month, and has been remastered for inclusion here. Available on iTunes, Amplifier, Bandcamp, Digirama, Marbecks Digital, etc. There's audio previews below.

Stereo freeze EP

MAY 2011
On the remix
The Rescape remix EP by NSU is out now, with my remix of West Coast Dub. 

To celebrate, I've got a few remixes I've done up for free download over at Bandcamp. The first remixes I ever did were for the Midnights (2007) and Kolab (2008) - I hit them up via Myspace, how old fashioned is that? Funny thing is, I did the Kolab remix without ever talking to the guys - did it all via email and IM. Even though they live in the same city as me. 

The Kolab remix (Sideways) is up for free download, and a previously unreleased remix I did for Onelung back in 2006 (Devine No 5), for a remix project that didn't end up happening due to record company stuff. Go grab em!

APRIL 2011
The Rescape remix EP by NSU is being released at the end of April, with my remix of NSU's tune West Coast Dub in there too. He's pulled together a handful of talented local musicians and producers to remix his debut ep Escape. You can preview my remix below. A mate of mine called my remix "Hawaiian haka step" which I kinda like... Listen to the whole EP over at Bandcamp.

March 2011
I'm currently recording a new EP, lots of melodica all over it. Here's a sneak preview of what it sounds like so far. Enjoy. More news soon. 

Augustus rock by dubasylum

February 2011
Webstock rocks!
Last year I was lucky enough to be asked to be the official DJ for Webstock,a conference held in Wellington, and they invited me back this year. I had an awesome time and wrote about it on my blog. This is an excerpt from that with a few photos thrown in for good measure. 

"... The speakers this year ranged in subject matter from comics to typography to content to music to infographics to all different aspects of the web... it really was quite mindblowing. What really gets me about Webstock is everyone who goes to it is totally engaged with what they're hearing. It's buzzing with energy from the very first speaker. It's buzzing even before the doors open - if the audience has managed to beat the queues at the coffee machine that is.

There's so many highlights it's hard to pull out a few. Some of my favorite speakers included Merlin Mann who gave a great talk using slides that were low-fi photos of index cards he'd scribbled on (unlike other presenters, who even had credits for the typeface in their sumptuously designed slides), and musician Amanda Palmer, who made her entrance to Webstock by busking outside the Town Hall, playing on the screen inside via video link from an iPhone. She walked inside the town hall, belting out Radiohead’s Creep while playing ukulele. The video link cut out half way through. Don’t know if the phone was connected to Vodafone or XT.

Webstock Amanda Palmer

Palmer talked about her experiences of being signed to a major label, how that worked really well for a while, then stopped working. She said that the major labels were like the Titanic, and they were already sinking and yet they were still in denial they were going down.

Palmer mentioned using Bandcamp as a great model for distributing music, and also using Twitter as a way of organising her tours - finding places to stay, and staging spontaneous 'ninja gigs' as she calls them.She talked about staging a ninja gig in Byron Bay in Australia, which was great, but all the people who came were from outside Byron Bay, not locals as there's no internet coverage there.

Webstock. When I wasnt DJing, I was
                                probably on Twitter

That's me above - when I wasn't DJing, I was probably on Twitter.

They best example she had of using Twitter was when she was flying from the US to UK to do some advance press before starting a tour there. The stopover was in Iceland, and she landed just after the volcano blew up. It quickly became apparent that she wasn't flying anywhere when the airline started talking about offering her a hotel to stay. So she got on Twitter and asked "Anyone here?"

She knew no one in Iceland, but a friend in NZ who was originally from Iceland, called her old schoolfriend back in Iceland, and they came and picked Palmer up at the airport and gave her a place to stay. Within 7 hours of being stranded, Palmer had sorted accommodation and a gig for that night, and borrowed a keyboard for the show.

Palmer said “Free content breeds success which might not be immediately visible or measurable”. She said that giving your music away for free, if it's good, will make people pay for more. If it's shitty, they won't give you a cent." 


February 2011
West coast dubbs
Finished a remix for The Midnights last month, turned out pretty good - the band are stoked with it too, which is always a good thing. It's for their tune Regeneration, and starts off all slow then jumps to double tempo in a dancehall stylee. 

I've also just finished a remix for NSU, who is putting together a remix collection fo his recent Escape EP - it's due to come out in March approx. Listen below for a sneak preview. 

Next up I'm working on a melodica EP. Dragged my melodica out over the holidays and had a play, thought I must do some more with this. So... Also got a DJ gig down in Wellington for Webstock mid Feb which I'm VERY excited about. 

West Coast Dub feat. Squeezer (Dub Asylum Remix) - snippet by nsu

December 2010
Nearly midnight
So, I didn't win the Hollie Smith remix competition, winning entry was a House mix. Got some good feedback on my mix tho - fave comment was a mate who said "I don't usually like Hollie Smith, but that is cool!" And on to the next one! I've done a remix for the Midnights, who released their debut album in December. Got another remix under way too, for NSU. And a new instrumental EP in the planning stages, which will involve lots of melodica. Choice! 

Hello Hollie
Ms Hollie Smith has been running a remix competition, and I've cooked up a reggae-style remix for it. You can listen to it below, and if you like it, please vote for it. I've also been asked to do another remix for a local reggae act, more on that soon. There's also a new Dub Asylum single on the way, a double-A side split with my mate Oogun, looking forward to that.

September 2010
Picasso core
I've been beavering away in the studio on some Dub Asylum tunes, also knocking something together for a remix competiton for Hollie Smith. 

One of the other musical projects I've been working on this year is a reissue/remaster project for my old band, Hallelujah Picassos. We've been having regular get togethers, and we've sorted the track listing, but deciding on the artwork is taking a little while - that's typical for us, the way. Same thing happened back in the day too. Arty buggers. Just look at the name.

Clap Your Hands was the first release of ours that came out on vinyl, thanks to Trevor Reekie at Pagan Records picking it for his compilation, Positive Vibrations, in 1989. We recorded this in a manic one day session at Airforce studios, along with a bunch of other tunes, which we released as a cassette only release called Taxi Driver.

Bobbylon and Roland had done some work as painters and plasterers at Airforce before it opened, and they got paid in studio time.  This song was very popular on student radio, back in the day, which how Trevor heard it, I'm guessing. I've added some pics to go with the audio, watch out for the band portraits done by the late Martin Emond, which came from our second album, Drinking With Judas. Watch the video here or below.

April 2010
Auckland reggae outfit The Midnights are about to drop their debut album very soon. I did a remix for them a while back, and they're a top bunch of fellas. You can grab a sample of their new album for free, from Amplifier. Just log in and you're  away. Have a listen and then get it here (til April 23). Tour dates here

I've also got a few gigs in the wind for May, including a wild DJ spot for NZ Music Month alongside Murray Cammick, Trevor Reekie and more. Should be a hoot.

Peter DJing at Webstock - Photo by
                                Anthea Whittle

February 2010
Webstock 2010 - Hey DJ, what's that sound? 
I'm gonna write this really fast, cos I have a lot of ideas to compress into this, and it's all gonna flow into one, so hold on...

Last Wednesday (17th Feb) I flew down to Wellington for Webstock. Surprising lack of turbulence landing too. Nice. I had scored the gig as offical Webstock DJ from Jeff and Lisa of Mukuna, who held down the job last year but have since moved away from Welli (thanks guys). So you're going what is Webstock? It's a two-day conference featuring web developers, designers, thinkers and more. 24 guest speakers, kicking off with Scott Thomas, the design director for the Obama campaign. Just got better from there. I heard some incredible speakers.

My job was to DJ during the breaks and lunch. And when everyone was arriving to register on the  first day - starting from 730am, which is a hell of a time to get your head around playing records. I also DJed the cocktail party on Thursday night, and after the Onya Awards on Friday night, from the top of the stage in the Wellington Town Hall, in front of the organ pipes. I discovered that night you can play Good times by Chic (scored another copy in Slowboat) and people will always dance. Dead cert.

I also got to hang out with some of the folks attending the conference, including some cool Wellington peeps I'd met on Twitter, who took me to their fave bars. It was my first time at Webstock, and other folk that I know who'd been raved about it, and now I see why. It's really hard to put down exactly what it is that makes Webstock so special, but it's a non-stop exchange of ideas and information for 48 hours. And a whole lot of fun.

On the Saturday night (after chilling out in Titahi Bay for the day, escaping the hordes at Homegrown) I did a Dub Asylum show at Havana Bar, an absolutely gorgeous little spot, with the Sounds Almighty crew, dropping loadsa reggae niceness. All in all, a fantastic time. Catching up on sleep is taking time....

Top photo by Anthea Whittle. Slideshow below by me, shot on my phone. 


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Ba Ba Boom hits #2 on Serato weekly download charts! 
I recently put my Ba Ba Boom! single out thru Serato's service, which goes out to Serato DJs worldwide.  After one week on there, my single hit number two on their weekly downloads chart, behind Basement Jaxx (and ahead of Timbaland). So stoked! 

Also got a gig in Wellington at Havana Bar on Saturday February 20, with Sounds Almighty, some fine reggae selectors from down that way, kicks off 10pm, free entry.  And I'm DJing at Webstock. Got interviewed about it over here. Sweet as.

Serato Top Ten for week of Feb
                                    7, 2010

January 2010
Sunday Star Times release of the week! 
Sunday Star Times' music reviewer Grant Smithies named my Ba Ba Boom vinyl single as his release of the week today, wicked! 

If you want to get yourself a copy, try  Conch Records, Beat Merchants, Rhythm Discs, DMC (Auckland), Slowboat Records (Wellington), Galaxy Records (Christchurch), or get it via mailorder from Amplifier who will ship anywhere in NZ and around the world or Mighty Ape. 

Sunday Star Times review 17 Jan

Upcoming gigs... 
I've got a few gigs coming up soon, looking forward to them...

January 30 I'm DJing at Music Mountain Matakana Bush Party  - the lineup includes Mad Professor, Open souls, Rhombus and Katchafire. More details here. Starts 12 midday.

And on Waitangi day (Feb 6) I'm DJing at Soul Sessions, free outdoor art/music event featuring Cut Collective, Bobby Brazuka, Peter Mac (Dub Asylum), Cinzah Merkens + more. At Little Shoal Bay Reserve, Northcote, midday til 6pm. Spot ya there! 

I'm also DJing on Feb 6 from 8pm at Racket Bar down in Britomart, followed by Koretake Sound System. That's free too! I'm working on a Wellington gig for mid Feb, and will be DJing at Webstock.

I've also added a heap of music to my Bandcamp page, and set it up for cheap and easy purchase. Pay what you want. Simple as that. There's my very first EP as Dub Asylum, from 1999 and more - Jump and Twist is still available for free download there too.

Dub Asylum Laidback
                                Radio IV

Dub Asylum interview at Laidback Radio. 
Cheers to Jason F at Bluevibe for hooking this up. Read it here.

Intro snip... "Dub Asylum is one of those undercover New Zealand artists who keeps dropping great music and doesn’t seem to shout too loud about it, it bubbles away and gets the respect it deserves from the beat community. After the release of his Ba Ba Boom! Digi-EP in August 2008 Peter McLennan got the nudge from some of his DJ friends to put out some vinyl which I’m glad to say he’s just done with a tasty little 7″ of the title track with a special dustep/afrobeat remix on the flip from Oogun." 

I've also added a bunch of tunes to Dub Asylum's Bandcamp page, with downloads available to buy in any format you want  - MP3s, FLACs, WAVs, etc. Help yourself!

Ba Ba Boom single cover

Ba Ba Boom vinyl single out now... 
The release party for Ba Ba Boom is happening Sunday December 13  from 5pm as part of the Conch Sunday Grill, at the Ponsonby Social Club. Dub Asylum VS Oogun DJ Battle, lotsa organic BBQ treats, and it's FREE! Copies of the single on sale too.

You can purchase the single from Conch Records, Beat Merchants, Rhythm Discs, DMC (Auckland), Slowboat Records (Wgtn), Galaxy Records (Chch), or get it via mailorder from Mighty Ape or Amplifier who will ship anywhere in NZ and around the world.

Ba Ba Boom Release Party

Ba Ba Boom also shows up on DJ Sirvere's blog, and also pops up on reggae site Niceup, cheers folks.  

The Ba Ba-ing of the Boom by Senor Stinky Jim
Big thanks to Stinky Jim for giving the Oogun remix of Ba Ba Boom a spin on his mighty radio show Stinky Grooves. And for showing us some blog love here, at Stink Inc. Jim, a tip of the hat in your direction, fine sir.

"Of articular and particular note this evening was Oogun giving Dub Asylum a right smack-up remix for the debut 7" on Loopy Fruit Records. Props are properly dispensed to Messrs Mclenners and Oogoid for their work on this, it's a scorcher ... I've got absolutely no truck with music being bigged and upped on purely geographical stakes, but this would be getting a run or three on SG wherever it came from, top notch!."

Release date for the single is Monday December 7, in selected record stores and can be ordered via Amplifier too. Conch Records on Ponsonby Rd will have some exclusive pre-release copies instore on Friday Dec 4.

Oh, lovely black vinyl
Got my test pressing back today (Nov 24) for my Dub Asylum 7"single, it looks like this....

Ba ba boom test pressing

and check the audio player below for a sneak preview of the brand new remix by Oogun of Ba Ba Boom, it's on the flip of the vinyl single!


Back catalogue tales
In September I did an interview for NZ Musician magazine with Trevor Reekie for his feature, Moments Like These, where he gets a muso to dig out an old photo of themselves and rabbit on about it. Read it over here

Halleujah Picassos, 1994

Can you remember who took this photo and when?
Wildside label boss Murray Cammick shot it. Gavin Downie had recently joined the band, which makes it 1994 I think. It was in a car park in central Auckland in the middle of winter, and we were freezing our butts off, hence the beanies, jackets, etc.

How did you get the name ‘Hallelujah Picassos’ and how did the band evolve?
We started out playing as a garage punk band called the Rattlesnakes for about a year and a half. By then our sound had evolved, adding reggae and ska, so we needed a new name. I turned up late for practice one Sunday afternoon (I’d been at work, I think), and the others had a sheet of paper with heaps of names scribbled on it. They’d narrowed it down to three, and the only decent one was Hallelujah Picassos. I was at art school at the time, so I went for that name. And of course, as Jonathan Richman sang, Pablo Picasso was never called an asshole. (Full article here)

Vinyl is coming
Have been working away on getting a Dub Asylum vinyl seven inch single out and it's finally coming together. One side will have the title track of my latest EP Ba Ba Boom, and the flip will have a killer remix of it  in an afrobeat/dubstep style, more on it soon. Out in early December, I hope. 

I've also got a remaster/reissue project under way for my old band, Hallelujah Picassos. There's a fun interview I did with Trevor Reekie for NZ Musician's latest issue (the one with Gin Wigmore on the cover), talking about an old photo of the Picassos, check it out. (Full article here)

If you're addicted to vinyl like me, go have a read of an interview I did recently with P-Money, talking all about his favourite record shops and early vinyl discoveries. It's on my blog, over here.

Conch Sunday Grill

JUNE 2009
Conch Sunday Grill says Make It Reggae!
This sunday evening (June 28) at the Ponsonby Social Club from 5pm, Peter Mac, Selecto, Mikey Sampson, Megan and The Chaplin play the music that Big Matt loved.

Come join us and the Conch Records crew and celebrate the music of the big guy. There's tasty organic treats grilled on the BBQ and fine beverages available too.

Ponsonby Social Club (152 Ponsonby Rd), Sunday June 28 from 5pm-11pm, free entry.

Thanks to Conch Records, Havana Club, Pure Blonde & Westmere Butcher.

Jump and Twist cover

MAY 2009
Out n about  -live styles
Just did a a wee spot at Rakinos last night (Wed  13 May) testing out some new tunes, at the Loop Sessions with Dylan C and a bunch of other local beat makers - Timothy William, Bromide Dub, Jellphonic. Went down a treat.

Next up  - Dub Asylum playing with The RetainersBrazilbeat Sound System and DJ Dubhead at a new venue called Live Bar, at 68 Hobson St, in Ak central, Friday 29 May. Come on down! Also got a cool gig coming up in June, with the Great Blend. More soon.


Also had some good feedback on my new tune, Jump and Twist for various folks...

"Very nice track. Reminds me of the first Original Rockers/Rockers Hifi album..." 

"This track is really reminds me of Sandinista for some reason, which can surely only be a good thing! "

MAY 2009
Brand new tune for you!
I mentioned a new tune I was working on some dubby thumpy bizznizz, and here it is just for you, as a free download. Just in time for NZ Music Month too. Choice! Let me know what you think of it. Feedback appreciated. Cheers. Cover photo by John Pain.

Get it here! Jump And Twist by Dub Asylum, 6MB MP3 

OR you can preview the song below, and then click on the download button in the audio player. Easy !

Also coming up, check out some Dub Asylum live styles at Rakinos (35 High St), as part of Studiomania.
Starts 8pm, Wed May 13th

Bluevibe studio brings together killer local acts to drop some live and unreleased beat action for NZ Music Month.

Dub Asylum: unreleased new beats set
Bromide dub: live
Timothy William: live MPC Free jam sessions
Jellphonic: CDR EP taster set
Bluevibe studio: live sampler breakdown

Free entry for the first 1000 people through the door on the night!

StudioMania CD compilation available on the door.

March 2009
In defence of Twitter for musicians
I just watched this great interview by Andrew Dubber with UK muso Steve Lawson about why Twitter is good for musicians (in response to the recent overblown media stories about Twitter being awash with celebrities). It's hard to explain what Twitter is when someone asks you, because it's not must one thing - it's many things to many different people. Go and read Steve's piece "Twitter sucks, so change your friends". Birlliant stuff.

Anyways, I wrote a killer new song last week, kind of thumpy, dubby mashed up bizznizz. Will post a link to it soonish. 

January 2009
Everybody loves the sunshine
Yep, me and Roy Ayers love that sunshine... saw him and his band play live here last October, same week I saw Stevie Wonder (read my review over here), damn, that was a funky week!  Anyways, the year finished off with my Ba Ba Boom! Ep making the Top 20 Favourite Local Releases of the Year as selected by the folks at Amplifier - cheers!

Working on getting the album done and dusted, and cooking up a few other schemes too. Got some vinyl planned as well. 

November 2008
Ba Ba Boom EP is CD Of The Week in Sunday Star Times. Coolness!
Check this out... "A punchy mix of skanking reggae, tongue-in-cheek techno and retro hiphop, this five-track EP from Auckland's Pete McLennan arrives just in time for summer. The horn-heavy title track is a soulful speaker-shaker of rare brilliance, while Smash Thru with MC Kyla brings a bulging trunk of funk to the party. Shake that hotel room indeed!" - Grant Smithies, Sunday Star Times, Nov 16, 2008. O for awesome - thanks Grant.

Ba Ba Boom! reviews and other cool stuff
So, what's been happening then? Well, heres
a few reviews of the new Ba Ba Boom! EP...

Back2Basics magazine, October issue, Martyn Pepperell, 3 and a half stars
Ba Ba Boom finds McLennan exploring a divergent sonic palette, nimbly held together by a recurring use of funk-fueled breakbeat patterns... The disc kicks off with Smash Thru, an old school hiphop sound that quickly turns into horn and scratch-heavy track title track Ba ba Boom! - easily my favourite song off the release. The cut blends instrumental hiphop and bigg band funk with effortless cool. My Sneaker Collection Weighs A Ton follows, in esence an old school stab-driven breakdance funk tune... Ba Ba Boom is an accomplished release.

Ba Ba Boom! EP review Graham Reid from
"terrific EP of beats, hip-hop meets reggae culture, and much more.. I have been cranking these five tracks up way, way loud... these tracks reference everything from a King Tubby/Studio One stoned ska session in Jamaica with scratching, to rebel pop and old school hip-hop from the Bronx in the 80s.
It's a kinda mad but focused mix-up and very quirky. Funked up too.

Groove Guide Fleur Jack (Groove Guide #237, 17 Sept 08).
"Ba Ba Boom is the latest release for Dub Asylum and the five tracks are hiving and jiving and the perfect selection of songs to shake your booty to... musically it opens with "Smash Thru" which features the incredible vocal and lyric writing styles of MC Kyla. The second track features the horn section of the WBC and there's something friendly about the track that reminds me of Sesame Street in a very good way! The real dub starts to shine through from tracks 2-4 and it gets mellower and slower as it goes on finishing with a beautiful track that features Sandy Mill on vocals. Love it!"  4 stars review, by Naram, Dub Asylum - Ba Ba Boom (EP)

"The standout track for mine would definitely be Ba Ba Boom. The track sees Peter mash-up some old-skool reggae samples with a crackling hip-hop beat and horn parts from the WBC (a local Ska band) to forge a sound that lies somewhere between late 60s rocksteady and early 90s East Coast hip-hop. It's a sonically-pleasing mix that would go down a treat on the dance floor. The Ep is a solid example of contemporary beat-making and I will definitely look out for the full album."

Been getting lots of radio airplay across the BNet, KFM, BaseFM and KiwiFM, Radio New Zealand National and others. Smash Thru has been playlisted on Kiwi Fm, debuting last week on their Top Ten at number ten, currently at number eight. Ba Ba Boom has also been played on Echo Beach on Chicago's WLUW radio station, after the show's host contacted me via myspace.

Also  had a song  featured on Liz Barry's NZ Music Show podcasts, listen here.

I've done interviews on KFM, GeorgeFM, BaseFM, BFM (listen here) and on ALT TV with Gene Rivers.

The folks at Radio RDU's The Joint had to say... "Stand out track for us is the heavyweight title track "Ba Ba Boom!" - with its skankalicious horns it sounds like something King Tubby wrote for a marching band." 

Got a video under way too, more on that shortly.


Ba Ba Boom! EP

August 2008
Ba Ba Boom! digi-EP is out now!
Its available right now, thru Amplifier (link) , iTunes (link) Telecom mobile, Vodfafone mobile, Digirama (link) and all good digital outlets. 
Freetext “dub” to Live (5483) on your 3g Vodafone Live mobile to check out my new tunes.

Guests include MC Kyla, the WBC horns, Sandy Mill and Scratch 22. Listen to a sneak preview on the Myspace page. Enjoy! Amplifier has 320k DRM-free files, and they've got an exclusive tune available there too, called Mr Skiffle. The EP is available worldwide on iTunes as iTunes Plus files.

Also been getting some good feedback.. Spotted at Russell Brown's Hard News...
"You could also do worse than pop over to Peter McLennan's MySpace for a listen to the new Dub Asylum stuff, which range from Price Fatty-style rocksteady revivals to the tricked-out funk of 'My Sneaker Collection Weighs a Ton'. It's music produced by someone who really loves music." 

And this from Simon Grigg... "I love the joyous ska / rocksteady-ness of Ba Ba Boom and the very post rare-groove feel of the wonderfully named My Sneaker Collection Weighs A Ton." Link

Jeff from The Double Up on George FM heard Ba Ba Boom and wrote asking"Is that the theme from Sanford & Son? Opening horn riff sounds like a sample of the theme song". His reaction to Smash Thru? "That is retarded, off the chain - love it!" Picking up radio airplay from BFM, RDU, KiwiFM and more - shout out to Terry C spinning Ba Ba Boom on Chicago's WLUW-FM. Thanks, folks.  


1 Smash thru Featuring MC Kyla
2 Ba ba boom! Featuring DJ Scratch 22, the WBC Horns
3 My sneaker collection weighs a ton
4 Shuffling Joe
5 Come figure me out Featuring Sandy Mill

Recorded at Federal Recorders, engineered and mixed by Peter McLennan. Mastered at Kog Studios by Chris Chetland. All instruments, random noises, general sonic sauciness by Peter McLennan unless otherwise listed.

Check out the Dub Asylum remix of Sideways, featured on iTunes NZ as an exclusive (link). Word is they are picking up a bunch of sales thru iTunes US - IMNZ reports that "Kolab have been featuring recently in the What’s Hot section for Hip Hop and R&B on iTunes USA, one of the first Aotearoa hip hop acts to ever do so - one critic even likened the group to a futuristic version of the Beastie Boys."

APRIL 2008
Working on a few dub Asylum remixes for Car Crash Set, and Kolab. Also, check the new Dub Setsuko songs added over here -  Go have a listen...

Went down the New Plymouth for Womad last month, had an awesome time. Saw Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, they were incredible. Even got my photo with Sharon! How cool is that? You can read more about it over here at my blog , lotsa photos too..


March 2008
I decided to have a go at the RPM Challenge in February. Basic idea is this - record an album in the month of February. Only restrictions - must be 10 songs or 35 mins total. Came up with a new alias - Dub Setsuko. Mix, master, package it, and done! Check some of the end results over here -  Amazing how fast you can work when you want to...

Also, the interview I did with National Radio's Trevor Reekie along with Dave Karlotski from RPM Challenge is up on line over here, have a listen. Its at: under 'A' for Access All Areas...

Ups and downs
Where the heck did this year go? I've been working towards getting an EP out (via digital release) and that's gonna happen before the end of the year, hopefully. Was gonna happen sooner, but life got in the way. It's a 5 track EP, more on it soon. Take it easy.

APRIL 2007
Free music
Now that I have your attention - I recently did a remix for local reggae band The Midnights - its starting to get a bit of radio play around the place, and is now available thru, and if you're quick, you can download it for FREE.

It's the first official remix I've done and I'm rather chuffed with it. The band like it too, which is good. Tune is called Outside Looking In, and features on the latest Conscious Roots Vol 3 compilation of local reggae/downbeat.

March 2007
Sufferahs Choice
Top New Zealand DJs are joining forces to raise funds for cancer-stricken DJ Big Matt. All proceeds from this charity event will go to 'Big Matt' Watson and his family as he undergoes treatment for gastric cancer.

He's a top bloke, so get along if you can. I'm DJing, along with a heap of other cool cats.

"This special event will feature DJs Stinky Jim, Maiden Hong Kong, Selecto, Peter Mac (Dub Asylum), Dubhead, Slave, Manuel Bundy, Submariner, Cian, Junior, Bobby Brazuka, Slowdeck, The Chaplin, Ruffian & Mikey Sampson plus reggae soundsystems Jugglin Crew and Jafa Mafia. With over 200 years combined musical experience, this line up makes Sufferahs Choice an essential gig for reggae lovers and contemporary music fans alike.Two separate areas will be set up to cater for all the performers.

He's supported some big names, now it's time to support him. Last year Matt was the warm-up DJ for international ska legends Neville Staples' The Specials and The Skatalites. He has also supported the Mad Professor, the legendary duo of Linton Kwesi Johnson & Dennis Bovell and Tom Bailey's alter ego The International Observer.

There's a ton of pressure when you're warming up the crowd before a big name act. So how does Matt feel playing before someone like The Specials? "As a rule, if I'm really nervous and bitchy before a gig, it turns out great!"

Big Matt is a fanatical music collector famous for DJ sets covering everything from reggae and soul through to house and drum n bass. Reputedly Manuel Bundy's favourite local DJ, Matt began DJing in 1984 and has since performed hundreds of live sets and radio shows on 95bFM and Base FM."

Sufferahs Choice: Galatos, Auckland, Friday 23rd March from 9pm. In the spirit of charity, presale tickets are just $10 from Real Groovy, Conch and Beat Merchants or $15 on the door. Before midnight, door tickets are $10.

There goes the year.I've been busy working on a remix for The Midnights, which will see the light of day early next year - it's for their tune Outside Looking In from the latest Conscious Roots compilation. Also got a remix for Onelung coming out soon too, I believe.

The Dub Asylum Myspace page has several music videos added, go have a lookee. There's also a round-up of the best of local styles over here at my blog, featuring opinions from the likes of Chad Taylor, Greg Churchill, Simon Grigg, Robyn G, Noizyboy, Gareth Shute, Jessie from the Backyard, Trevor Reekie, Andrew Dubber and more.

Hope you have a great christmas, and a splendid new years. See ya soon.

July 2006
Vegas, baby
Hopefully by the time you read this, I'll be by the pool in Las Vegas, celebrating my birthday. But you don't want to hear about that, you're here for the music, right? Nearly finished a remix for local outfit One Lung, of their tune Devine No 5, and have two more remixes to do soonish. Album is progessing well, got a new video underway too - lotsa Vegas neon. Funny that. There's a new list of fave tunes over in Charts, stuff I've been playing on my radio show on BaseFM, have a peek. Then there's the ton of vinyl I'm gonna nab in San Francisco...

April 2006
Platinum conversation
I spent a thoroughly enjoyable few hours last night at the Red Bull Studio, listening to Wajeed of Detroit's Platinum Pied Pipers talk about his musical experiences. He also did some hands-on production with the MPC sampler, and I got to ask him about his approach to remixes, which was cool. I've got three of them coming up soon, for various local cats, more on that later. (Also been getting some vocalists in to the studio too, and had Chip Matthews, the bass don-dada, lay down some mean bottom-end on a track. Check his band the Open Souls debut album, out now!)

Anyways, you can check out Wajeed's talk at last year's Red Bull Music Academy in Seattle over here - big video file (interviewer is Fat Freddy's Toby Laing), or text transcript for you low-fi cats. There's a bunch of other interviews there too, well worth a dig. Check out the Bomb Squad's Hank Shocklee (Public Enemy) at Seattle. Entries for this year's Red Bull Music Academy have just opened, keep an eye out for application forms at your favorite record store - it comes with a cool CDRom of some of last years interview.

I've got a Dub Asylum page over on Myspace, add me if you're in the neighbourhood. Also set up one for my old band Hallelujah Picassos too. And if you want some old HPs tunes, check out these pages on, for our two albums, recently added to their fine site. Cheerio.

february 2006
Gimme summer.
What happened to January? Did I blink and miss it? No, hang on, I went to the Big Day Out and saw Iggy and the Stooges, and that was awesome! (read my review of the day over here - my day started with getting my ear syringed - fun, huh?). Been swimming in the sea heaps, one of my fave summer activities.Got some cool news coming soon, hold tight.

Feeling horny.
Just did a wicked recording session last night with Matiu, Olly and Oliver from The WBC - laid down some horn parts for three new tracks. Those guys are incredibly fruity on it - can't wait to play these tunes out! The WBC are off into the studio later this month to record their debut album, due out early next year. Cheers, fellas!
I've got about 14 tracks in progress for the next album, with a single going out to radio very soon, hopefully.What else have I been up to? I DJed at NZ Fashion Week for BaseFM, which was fun. Playing funky background music for the fashionistas and skinny-ass models. Those girls need pies. Later, alligator.

August 2005
Up in the air.
Latest news from Indie Music New Zealand... "IMNZ tracks are being played all around the world. iTunes America’s Single of the Week for August 8th was P-Money's Stop the Music feat Scribe (Dirty). On the same day one million dollars' ‘Energy State’ (Sugarlicks) was at #5 on the top 100 Jazz albums at Italian iTunes (#98 on the overall chart) and #33 at German iTunes.

And you'll hear them in the skies – three Katchafire tracks are now on the Jamaican Airlines inflight playlist; you can also hear Katchafire on Air New Zealand's inflight services, as well as Shapeshifter, The Black Seeds, the Upbeats, the Otautahi Allstars, Dub Asylum, Hirini Melbourne & Richard Nunns, Dan Poynton, OG, Eskimo Squad and Alphrisk."

JULY 2005
Been keeping busy banging away at some new tunes, and going to the Film Festival - saw DIG, Guiliani Time, Palindromes, and The Lusty Men starring Robert Mitchum. How 'bout you?

MARCH 2005
Tuned in.
Caught up with Tays (Audioslut) recently, who told me he'd passed on some copies of the Dub Asylum Remix EP to DJ Scud (UK) and Panacea (Germany). who liked his remix, and the Rob W/Josh W remix too. Audioslut recently played in Australia with DJ Scud and Panacea, and has a double 7-inch release out soon, followed by a few more vinyl delights. Look out for em! I've been doing some painting, mixing up some graffiti-art stencils with paint splatters, lotsa fun. And some music. So there.

Happy new year to you. Check out the list of the Official Most Played Alternative Tracks of 2004 - weighing in at number 62, Scratch N Sniff Remix by Dub Asylum! Yay! Keeping a low profile gigwise, but catch my crew Bassteppa Sound System at the Raglan Reggae Sunsplash, Feb 5-6, alongside Blood & Fire Sound System, Trinity Roots, Fat Freddys Drop, the Midnights, Roots Foundation and many more.

off the cuff CDOCTOBER 2004
Off the cuff.
Catch the 'What the Funk - Rob Warner and Josh Webb Remix' on the new NZ Fahion Week complilation. Here's some blah on it...

New Zealand independent record label Antenna Recordings was invited by the fashion industry to put together a collection of music to complement the 4th annual New Zealand Fashion Week 2004.

New Zealand fashion and electronic music have had a lot in common over the years. Both are individual, inspired, and born out of a belief in what you are doing, often battling the established mainstream with little support. Both are also now receiving the global recognition and local support that for so long eluded them.

New Zealand electronic and dance styles are now well established globally and many of the acts on this compilation have had substantial international success, topping charts and selling many thousands of records around the world. The result is a collection of quality New Zealand Jazz, Breaks, House, Drum & Bass, Nu-Jazz and electronica.

14 artists were selected for the collection, including: Nathan Haines & Joost Langeveld, Relaxomatic Project, Trip, One Million Dollars, Minuit, Fat Freddy’s Drop, House of Downtown, Soane, Dub Asylum, Headless Chickens (Dick Johnson remix), Tomorrowpeople (featuring the Earl of Kingsland), Rob Salmon, Baitercell & Timmy Schumacher (Greg Churchill remix), and Concord Dawn. The compilation will be released at Fashion Week and available through all record retail. You can buy it at Real Groovy.

Spring has sprung...
Or least that's what I'm told. Been keeping busy, working on new tunes and doing a bit of DJing.
I went to a workshop on the MPC with Christiaan from House of Downtown at Red Bull Studio, learnt some choice new skills (thanks, guys).
What else has been happening? I produced some beats for Spellcheck, the debut album by Wordperfect, out now. Went to the release party late last month and heard Word P drop 'Are you ready?" and "Tag team act" both produced by yours truly, man it felt cool. Even had a few cats come up and compliment me on my beats, which was mighty nice. You can check some audio samples over here at
I went to the BNet Music Awards, which were entertaining, tho marred by poor sound - Con Psy from Frontline did two songs in their entirety holding a mic that wasn't working, before the sound folks came onstage and switched for another mic. Stink, man. I sat at a table with the groovers from the Tokey Tones, including Scott, Gareth (noted author and cool guy) and Li Ming (Li Mei in Shortland St). Did you know she smokes roll your owns? Ah, celebrity trivia.
Been keeping busy with my radio show, catch it saturday mornings 10-12 on BaseFM, live audio streaming over here.
I was on the mix at the BaseFM vs FleetFM Reggae Soundclash on September 11, a wicked night of music. BaseFMs team was Slave (MC), Selecto, Finn, Big Matt, Manuel Bundy (scratches) and DLT who bought along Wiya from Upper Hutt Posse as his surprise guest MC.Wiya dropped E Tu over the hiphop version of Ring the alarm, it was choice!
Been to the movies too, saw Supersize Me, wickedly funny film. The director Morgan Spurlock was in NZ for its launch, and after doing a ton of interviews (18 in one day) he got a day off, and went to Wingnut Studios, met up with Peter Jackson and cast of King Kong. He was stoked about it. Lucky bugger.

                                    charts top ten

July 2004
Winter is well chilled.
The REMIX EP is getting played in clubs and on the radio in Australia, France, Thailand, and of course right here in Aoteaora. The Scratch n Sniff remix has been in the NZ Alternative Charts for six weeks now, highest placing is number two, in illustrious company. Thanks for your support!

Speaking of the Scratch N Sniff remix, it's been nominated for the Best NZ Remix at this year's BNet Music Awards, so get in there and vote for us! Much appreciated.

Catch Dub Asylum playing live at Shadows Bar, Auckland University, Saturday 31 July, with Big Matt and MC Word Pefect on the mic.
Dub Asylum and Bassteppa Sound System are playing in Hamilton on August 14, at Catalyst, and I've got other out of town gigs on the boil too. Stay tuned.
There's a good article on the EP in the latest NZ Musician magazine - read it here.

Grant Smithies in the Sunday Star Times writes..
"There's a spanking new vinyl remix EP from ex-Hallelujah Picasso Peter McLennan, now recording solo as Dub Asylum, in which tracks from his recent She Dubs Me, She Dubs Me Not album are given a good studio slapping by four local production teams. Best track? The hypnotically grinding Rob Warner/Josh Webb mix of What the Funk, featuring ex-Auckland resident Sandy Mill (last seen in London recording vocals for Basement Jaxx), with the speaker cone-cracking bass'n'breakbeat Shumacher/Substaxmix of Scratch N Sniff coming a close second.


Peter with ep covers

May 2004
She Dubs Me Remixed
The Dub Asylum SHE DUBS ME... 12" VINYL REMIX EP is out Monday May 24th in good record stores everywhere (at Play, Fusion (Auckland, Hamilton and Wellington,) Beat Merchants, Crucial, Criminal, Real Groovy and Conch in Auckland; Real Groovy in Wellington; Galaxy in Christchurch, Echo Records in Dunedin, and online - they've got audio samples there too.). Read more about the remix EP over here.

It's only been out for a week, and already Scratch N Sniff (remix) is sitting at number two on the BNet Alternative Top Ten. Thanks to those who voted for it!

The She Dubs Me remix EP is being played out by DJ s such as Clinton Smiley, Rob Salmon, The Professor, Ange, Radley, Dannyboy, Junior, Cian, Rob Warner and Greg Churchill.

"Personally for me the price of admission here is the outrageously outstanding "Scratch n Sniff" remix by Timmy Schumacher & Substax. Sort of electro/dub with an insistent cowbell that's gonna be shaking many a discerning dancefloor. Equally favourable is The Audiosluts "You're So Sensible" with its monstrous bassline. Rob Warner & Josh Webb keep the 4/4 family happy with their hypnotic "What The Funk" remix, and the radio destined Matt Scott remix of "What The Funk" completes this standout EP." - Greg Churchill.

"Three tracks taken from the album "She Dubs Me, She Dubs Me Not" are given the overhaul treatment from a few of Auckland's better known djs / producers. Take a bow Rob Warner and Josh Webb for your overtly funky, electronic rimshot laden, bumpy, breaky house mix of "What The Funk". And step forward Timmy Schucmacher with Substax for a seriously glitchy electro-fied breaks workout..." review from Play's site.

Dub Asylum feature on National Radio this Saturday May 29 at 6pm on the Music Mix, and on C4 next Wednesday night (June 2) on Soundlab with Nick D. There's an interview and the new video, plus some footage of Dan and DLT painting the EP covers. Niceness.

The EP launch party/exhibition is on May 25 at Rakinos, 35 High St, Auckland from 6pm (and it's free!). Cover art by Daniel Tippett and DLT, with DJs Dub Asylum, Rob Warner, Timmy Schumacher and Big Matt. Come on down! Watch out for the video of Scratch N Sniff - Soka So Good remix; Timmy Schumacher shot and directed the video.

My label Antenna has split with its distributor EMI and signed with indie distributor Global Routes.
A & R Director Trevor Reekie says, "Our years with EMI were fruitful - we arrived there 12 years ago with nothing and left with even less, but we learnt a lot.... we're doing it ourselves again just like we did when we started." The full story is over here.

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... and remember kids, dub never sleeps.

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